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BioActs - Fluorescence Dyes & Probes

BioActs Fluorescent Dyes

BioActs develops and manufactures high-sensitivity, high-purity and high-quality new proprietary and classical bio-fluorescent probes, such as fluorescent dyes, optical materials for in vitro diagnostic products, near-infrared (NIR) materials and contrast agents for in vivo research. BioActs products are already extensively utilized as optical materials and probes in worldwide universities, research institutes and enterprises for basic and applied research in the fields of medical, pharmaceuticals and chemistry research.

Their fields of expertise include a broad range of biochemical labeling dyes (including Flamma® Fluor dyes or FSD Fluor™ dyes), cell analysis dyes (e.g. ApoFlamma®, CytoFlamma® or MitoFlamma®), in vivo imaging dyes (e.g. NpFlamma®, AngioFlamma®, NIR dyes or Bioluminescence dyes) or conjugated secondary antibodies. In addition, BioActs has a broad panel of nucleic acid labeling dyes, nanoparticles and beads and offers a full range of custom labeling services.



NEW Fluorescent FSD™ Fluor Dyes


The FSD™ Fluor series is a new panel of proprietary fluorescent dyes with excellent fluorescence intensity and high quantum yield compared to conventional fluorescent dyes. The fluorescence intensity is also excellent after binding with biomolecule targets (antibodies, peptides, proteins, etc.). The FSD™ Fluor series has a wide spectrum of use and is applicable with most fluorescence equipment and for a broad range of application studies. In addition it is possible to select from a variety of reactive groups.

- Unparalleled Fluorescence Performance
- Highest Quantum Yields
- Wide Range of Reactive Groups

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FSD Dye Intensity ComparisonFSD Full Spectrum

FSD Dyes Fluorescence Intensiyt of Antibody-Dye ConjugatesFSD Dyes Realtive Quantum Yield Comparison




Flamma® Fluor Dyes


The Flamma® Fluor series is a panel of proprietary fluorescent dyes with brighter fluorescence performance than conventional dyes and with a broad coverage of the whole spectra from UV to NIR. It is applicable with most fluorescence equipment and for a broad range of application studies. In addition it is possible to select from a variety of reactive groups. The Flamma® Fluors are a perfect alternative and ideal for the replacement of Alexa Fluors, ATTO Dyes, DyLight Dyes, as well as other classical dyes.

- Full Spectrum of Fluoresence from UV to NIR
- High Purity and Bright Fluorescence Performance
- Wide Range of Reactive Groups

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Flamma Fluors Replacement Table

Flamma Fluors Spectras




Cell Analysis Tools


A variety of cell studies including organelle detection and studies on function and proliferation of cells can be done using BioActs’ bright fluorescent probes and fluorescent antibodies. Since organelles have their own unique features, organelle-specific image tracking and analysis are very important research tools in cell biology. BioActs’ fluorescent probes for cell analysis purposes can be applied for live cell imaging, as well as fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry.


CytoFlamma® Cell Membrane

CytoFlamma Membrane Staining

CytoFlamma® Fluors are hydrophobic dyes that can be used for cell membrane labeling by directly penetrating into cell membranes. Because of its low cytotoxicity and ability to penetrate into cell membranes, it also can be used in live cells.

Product Name PID Excitation/Emission (nm)
CytoFlamma® 496 Cell-membrane (Live) BCT-RCS5001 496 / 516nm
CytoFlamma® 552 Cell-membrane (Live) BCT-RCS1001 550 / 565nm
CytoFlamma® 648 Cell-membrane (Live) BCT-RCS1611 648 / 663nm
CytoFlamma® 675 Cell-membrane (Live) BCT-RCS3001 675 / 698nm
CytoFlamma® 749 Cell-membrane (Live) BCT-RCS1611 774 / 806nm
CytoFlamma® ICG Cell-membrane (Live) BCT-RCS1811 749 / 774nm

MitoFlamma™ Green

MitoFlamma™ Green is a green fluorescence probe specifically staining mitochondria of cells. By marking mitochondria of live cells, it can be used to trace cell mutations from drug or external stimuli. It can also be used for multi-imaging staining of fixed mitochondria. This probe can be applied for fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry and analysis based on microplates.

Product Name PID Excitation/Emission (nm)
MitoFlamma® Green (Live) BCT-RMS110 508 / 580nm

Mitoflamma Staining

FIGURE: MitoFlamma™ Green/HeLa cell staining

ApoFlamma® Dyes

ApoFlamma® dyes are developed for fluorescence imaging of apoptosis. There are two types of products groups, I) ApoFlamma® PS and II) ApoFlamma® H. The ApoFlamma® PS panel targets specifically to phosphatidylserine (PS) exposed on the cell-surface of dead cells and ApoFlamma® H panel of dyes specifically targets histone 1 exposed on the surface of apoptotic cells. A broad coverage of the whole spectra from UV to NIR allows a broad application range, including in vitro and in vivo studies.

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Check out our Annexin V Flamma® Apoptosis Detection Kits or our Flamma® TUNEL Assays.



Organelle and Cell Target-specific Imaging

Cell Staining

BioActs supplies cell target-specific primary antibodies and other probes. In order to get clear-cut images by using primary antibodies specific for cell organelle targets such as Tubulin, Mitochondria, Autophagosome, Golgi, ER or Peroxisomes, it is important to apply secondary antibodies with excellent fluorescent dyes. BioActs’ fluorescent secondary antibodies provide best results in fluorescence microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM), flow cytometry or western blot. BioActs’ HRP secondary antibodies show ultimate performance in all areas of chemiluminescent detection systems as well.

Product Name PID Target
Alpha Tubulin Antibody BCT-RPA5414 Tubulin
Flamma® Phalloidin 5 Products Actin
CytoFlamma® Dyes 6 Products Plasma Membrane
COX4 Antibody BCT-RPA4111 Mitochondria
Golgin-97 Antibody BCT-RPA5212 Golgi
LC3B Antibody BCT-RPA4313 Autophagosome
PMP70 Antibody BCT-RPA4515 Peroxisome
PDI Antibody BCT-RPA5616 Endoplasmic Reticulum
Excellent Labeled Secondary Antibodies    
Goat anti-mouse IgG Secondary Antibodies    
Goat anti-rabbit IgG Secondary Antibodies    
Goat anti-rat IgG Secondary Antibodies    



In Vivo Imaging Tools


In vivo optical imaging is a method to monitor biologically useful information by visualizing small animals in real time and it is used in the preclinical stage of research such as drug development, cancer cells detection and treatment reaction monitoring. Fluorescent technology is nonradioactive, has long half-life, facilitates the use of multiple channels and the structure of its related equipment and devices are simpler than radioactive equipment. Due to these attributes, research on applying fluorescence techniques to in vivo imaging area is actively progressing in recent years.

Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent dyes provided by BioActs have a wavelength range of 700~900nm, are free from noises caused by autofluorescence of biological substances and are used as effective imaging agents in in vivo optical imaging due to their long wavelength.


NpFlamma® HGC Series

NpFlamma®HGC are near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent contrast agents developed based on chitosan nanoparticles. Since chitosan, a main component of the NpFlamma®HGC agents series is a biologically-derived material, it is free from toxicity problems and has advantages such as long half-life, light stability and water solubility.

Product Name PID Excitation/Emission (nm)
NpFlamma® HGC 648 BCT-PNC1201 648 / 675nm
NpFlamma® HGC 675 BCT-PNC1401 675 / 698nm
NpFlamma® HGC 749 BCT-PNC1301 750 / 782nm
NpFlamma® HGC 774 BCT-PNC1601 777 / 802nm
NpFlamma® HGC ICG BCT-PNC1501 785 / 821nm

NpFlamma HGC Staining

FIGURE: Effective tumor imaging using NpFlamma® HGC dyes.

Also available: NpFlamma® MMP Series or NpFlamma® ROS.





qFlamma® Black01 Hydrazide qFlamma® Black01 Hydrazide 1 mg Ref. BCT-QWH1001-M001 Marque BIOACTS 134.00 H.T.
qFlamma® Black01 Hydrazide qFlamma® Black01 Hydrazide 25 mg Ref. BCT-QWH1001-M025 Marque BIOACTS 1073.00 H.T.
qFlamma® Black01 Hydrazide qFlamma® Black01 Hydrazide 5 mg Ref. BCT-QWH1001-M005 Marque BIOACTS 537.00 H.T.
qFlamma® Black01 Alkyne qFlamma® Black01 Alkyne 1 mg Ref. BCT-QWK1001-M001 Marque BIOACTS 201.00 H.T.
qFlamma® Black01 Alkyne qFlamma® Black01 Alkyne 25 mg Ref. BCT-QWK1001-M025 Marque BIOACTS 1342.00 H.T.
qFlamma® Black01 Alkyne qFlamma® Black01 Alkyne 5 mg Ref. BCT-QWK1001-M005 Marque BIOACTS 671.00 H.T.
ICG (water-soluble) ICG (water-soluble) 100 mg Ref. BCT-RFP0915-M100 Marque BIOACTS 205.00 H.T.
ICG (water-soluble) ICG (water-soluble) 25 mg Ref. BCT-RFP0915-M025 Marque BIOACTS 65.00 H.T.