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Ref. ALG-PN10821-KI01
Alithea Genomics

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Alithea's MERCURIUS Blood BRB-seq™ Library Preparation Kit is ideal for 3’ mRNA Sequencing of Bulk Human RNA samples, which means large-scale RNA sequencing (transcriptomic) studies such as biomarker discovery, antibody development and drug screening. It enables cost-effective, high-throughput RNA-seq library preparation from a broad range of purified blood RNA samples (i.e. globin depletion is built into the BRB-seq™ workflow). Bulk RNA Barcoding followed by sequencing (BRB-seq™) is Alithea's flagship technology. It is based on early barcoding followed by pooling. With BRB-seq™, hundreds of RNA samples can be processed in a single tube immediately after the first reverse transcription reaction. This leads to a significant reduction in reagents and manual effort in the entire workflow. The MERCURIUS Blood BRB-seq™ kits offer an optimized set of barcodes that ensure consistent and reproducible data generation from a large number of samples. This product is useful for drug discovery, RNA sequencing (Transcriptomics) and other research areas and suited for research laboratories in academia or industry (pharma, biotech or agricultural) who are interested in analyzing many samples at once.

Also available is the MERCURIUS BRB-seq™ Library Preparation Kit (#ALG-PN10811) suitable for of purified RNA or cell lysate RNA samples (i.e. no RNA extraction required).

Benefits of MERCURIUS

Fast: 10x fewer manual steps / High Throughput
Cost-efficient: 10x less reagent consumption / Low Cost
Robust: Reduced technical variability by processing 96 samples as one
Accurate: PCR duplicates are removed by using unique molecular identifiers (UMI)
All-in-One: Globin depletion is integrated in the workflow at no extra steps (ALG-PN10821)

Product Details
Synonyms Barcoded Blood RNA-Sequencing Kit
Product Type Kit
Application Set RNA Sequencing
Crossreactivity Human

Contains sufficient materials for 96 samples

Sample Type Purified Blood RNA
Kit Contains

Provided as 2 module boxes:

Barcoded Oligo-dT Adapters Module (PN 10511)
Library Preparation & Indexing Module with Human Globin Blocker (PN 10531)

Please see the Manual for an overview of all components included in this kit. See Techincal Note for additional information on the included inline control RNA sample.

Shipping and Handling
Shipping DRY ICE
Short Term Storage -20°C
Long Term Storage -20°C
Handling Advice Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Use/Stability 12 months after the day of manufacturing. See expiry date on Kit box.
Manual Download PDF
MSDS Download PDF
Product Specification Sheet
Datasheet Download PDF


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