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1x96 wells

Ref. YIF-LF-EK0134
AB Frontier

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Product description: Myeloperoxidase is a major neutrophil protein and is also present in monocytes. In neutrophils, it is stored in azurophilic granules and released during phagocytosis. It is a heme enzyme that uses the superoxide and hydrogen peroxide generated by the neutrophil oxidative burst to produce hypochlorous acid and other reactive oxidants.The produced hypochlorous acid reacts with and destroys bacteria. In many inflammatory pathologies, such as cystic fibrosis and rheumatoid arthritis, neutrophils are also causing tissue damage. MPO is thought to be the most promising cardiac marker at the moment. In addition to that MPO is a good inflammatory biomarker for autoimmune, inflammatory diseases and cancer. Part of the host defense system of polymorphonuclear leukocytes. It is responsible for microbicidal activity against a wide range of organisms. In the stimulated PMN, MPO catalyzes the production of hypohalous acids, primarily hypochlorous acid in physiologic situations, and other toxic intermediates that greatly enhance PMN microbicidal activity.

Alternate Names/Synonyms: MPO; EC=

Product Type: Kit

Crossreactivity: Human

Sensitivity: 0.78 ng/ml

Range: 0.78 ng/ml - 50 ng/ml

Sample Type: Human Serum, Plasma, Cell Lysate Buffered Solution

Assay Type: Sandwich

Detection Type: Colorimetric

Short Term Storage: +4°C

Long Term Storage: +4°C

Shipping: BLUE ICE

Handling Advice Any unused reconstituted standard should be discarded or frozen at -80°C. Standard can be frozen and thawed one time only without loss of immunoreactivity.

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