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Acella™ Competent Cells allow you to clone and express in one novel strain.  Available in either chemically or electrocompetent cells, the Acella strain is a BL21-derivative that features complete deletions of the endA and recA genes, eliminating degradation and recombination of exogenous DNA.  Acella Competent Cells combine the characteristics of a superior cloning strain with elements of a regulated protein expression system to take you from ligation to expression faster than any other strain.  Acella Chemically Competent Cells are also available in a pLysS version that will allow you to express otherwise toxic proteins.

  • Guaranteed Transformation Efficiencies - > 2x108 cfu/µg pUC19 for chemically competent cells and > 1010 cfu/µg pUC19 for electrocompetent cells.
  • Advanced derivative of a BL21 (DE3) strain - Characteristics of a superior cloning strain with elements of a regulated protein expression system.
  • Eliminates multiple transformations - Ligation to expression faster than any other strain.
  • High Quality Plasmid DNA - Complete deletions of endA and recA genes eliminate degradation and recombination of DNA.
  • High Level of Protein Expression - Lack of ompT and Ion proteases improves the stability of synthesized proteins.
  • Fast Growth - Isolate plasmid DNA after only 3-6 hours of growth

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