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  • Dye Terminator Removal

    • Optima DTR - Optima DTR™ is a cost effective alternative for dye terminator removal that uses the same simple protocol and provides the same high quality results as Performa® DTR, but at a lower price.
    • PERFORMA DTR - Performa® DTR utilizes a fully hydrated gel filtration matrix that provides for a convenient and simple method of dye terminator removal for sequencing cleanup.

    • MagDTR - MagDTR™ resin is an easily automated, high performance, economical alternative for labs processing large numbers of samples and researchers who are tired of waiting for their ethanol precipitation procedures.


  • PCR Purification

    • QuickStep 2 PCR Purification Systems - QuickStep™2 PCR Purification Systems offer a fast and simple method to highly purify your PCR products.

    • ExcelaPure UF PCR Purification System - ExcelaPure™ 96-Well ultrafiltration-based purification kits provide optimal recovery of PCR products while efficiently removing excess primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs and salts that may interfere with your downstream applications. 


  • Sample Preparation

    • Precipitation Reagents - Quick-Precip™ Solution is a proprietary, biologically inert, carrier used for rapid precipitation of DNA, RNA, and oligomers >16 bases. Because Quick-Precip™ Solution is biologically inert, precipitated DNA or RNA can be used for hybridization, cloning, preparation of libraries and PCR.

    • PERFORMA Spin Columns - Performa® Spin Columns feature a fully hydrated gel matrix that provides for a convenient and simple method to purify your DNA/RNA samples. 

    • PurElute Bacterial Genomic Kit -The PurElute™ Bacterial Genomic Kit provides rapid isolation of genomic DNA from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria utilizing just one simple protocol. In only 30 minutes you can extract high-quality DNA, saving you time without sacrificing performance. 


  • Bacterial Competent Cells

    • Acella Competent Cells - Acella™ Competent Cells allow you to clone and express in one novel strain.  Available in either chemically or electrocompetent cells, the Acella™ strain is a BL21-derivative that features complete deletions of the endA and recA genes, eliminating degradation and recombination of DNA.

    • EB5Alpha Chemically Competent Cells - EB5Alpha is a derivative of the DH5α™ strain and the best strain for everyday cloning. These chemically competent cells are manufactured using a proprietary technology that renders the cells highly efficient for DNA uptake. Cells are conveniently packaged in singe use tubes.

    • ElectroEB10B Electrocompetent Cells - For your more demanding cloning needs, we offer the EB10B Electrocompetent cells which are a derivative of the DH10B strain.  EB10B cells boast very high transformation efficiencies that result in a higher number and greater representation of clones, making EB10B cells ideal for library construction.

    • Ultra BL21 (DE3) Chemically Competent Cells - For protein expression, EdgeBio offers Ultra BL21 (DE3) Chemically Competent cells which are equivalent to the popular BL21 (DE3) expression strain.  Ultra BL21 cells are manufactured using a proprietary technology that makes the cells highly efficient for DNA uptake. 



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Quick-Precip Solution Quick-Precip Solution 1 mL Ref. EDG-14201 Marque EDGEBIO 108.00 H.T.
Quick-Precip Plus Solution Quick-Precip Plus Solution 1 mL Ref. EDG-70437 Marque EDGEBIO 40.00 H.T.
Quick-Precip Plus Solution Quick-Precip Plus Solution 6 mL Ref. EDG-72641 Marque EDGEBIO 120.00 H.T.
Adhesive Plate Sealers Adhesive Plate Sealers 100/pk Units Ref. EDG-48461 Marque EDGEBIO 70.00 H.T.
96-Well Capillary Plates 96-Well Capillary Plates 25 Plates Ref. EDG-13506 Marque EDGEBIO 170.00 H.T.
96-Well Plate Lids 96-Well Plate Lids 100/pk Units Ref. EDG-33100 Marque EDGEBIO 150.00 H.T.
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