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Ref. SBB-KF0036-KI01
South Bay Bio

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Product description: South Bay Bio’s Parkin TR-FRET Ubiquitin Kit provides a fast and sensitive method monitoring ubiquitin conjugation onto both wild-type Parkin and a more active mutant W403A in solution, resulting from an enzymatic ubiquitin cascade without the need of running and staining an SDS gel. The kit enables continuous TR-FRET detection of ubiquitin chain formation onto Parkin in a real-time detection setup, or in an end-point configuration if desired. TR-FRET uses the extended fluorescence emission decay lifetimes typical of rare-earth lanthanides to impart a short time-delay between FRET donor excitation and emission. This delay provides a means to separate “true” signal from short-lived background fluorescence, and reduce interference from compound fluorescence and other assay artifacts. The kit uses ubiquitin labeled with either Europium-Cryptate or Cy5 as FRET pair donor and acceptor fluorophores respectively, completely eliminating the need for antibody based detection setups. Enzymatic incorporation of the labeled ubiquitins into chains conjugated onto Parkin leads to an increase in fluorescence emission at 665nm (Em-Acceptor) and decrease at emission wavelength 620nm (Em-Donor).

Alternate Names/Synonyms: E3 Ubiquitin-protein Ligase Parkin; PARK2; Parkinson Juvenile Disease Protein 2; AR-JP; E3 Ubiquitin Ligase; LPRS2; Parkinson Disease Protein 2; PDJ; PRKN

Product Type: Kit

Specificity: Readout: Endpoint/Kinetic. Label or Dye: Europium-Cryptate & Cy5. Detection Method: TR-FRET. Substrate Properties: Protein-based Substrate. Typical experimental concentration is 1x. Excitation/Emission (nm): 304/620 & 304/665.

Crossreactivity: Human

Kit Contains: 100x UBA1 (100µl)100x UBE2D3 (100µl)100x wt-Parkin (100µl)100x Parkin W304A (100µl)100x TRF-Ub (phospho pS65) Mix (100µl)10x Reaction Buffer (1ml)10x Mg-ATP (1ml)1 x 384-well white low-volume microplate

Short Term Storage: -20°C

Long Term Storage: -80°C

Shipping: DRY ICE

Handling Advice Aliquot to avoid freeze/thaw cycles. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.

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