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Chemodex - Chemistry is our Passion


Chemodex is a Swiss company manufacturing an attractive product portfolio at very competitive prices. The product offering includes:

- Common and New Fluorescent Probes
- Stains/Labels/Dyes
- Markers & Probes
- Metabolites
- Building Blocks & Small Molecules

Chemodex is an expert in the synthesis of fluorescent substances derived from fluorophores such as coumarin, fluorescein, rhodamine and pyrene. The reagents are used as probes, stains, markers, NIR-labels, pH-sensors, ion indicators, chelators and in other applications (e.g. analytical biochemistry, immunoassays and microscopy) by life science researchers in academia, biotechnology and the diagnostics & pharmaceutical industry.


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Alcian Blue 8GX Alcian Blue 8GX 5 g Ref. CDX-A0001-G005 Marque Chemodex 111.00 H.T.
Alcian Blue 8GX Alcian Blue 8GX 20 g Ref. CDX-A0001-G020 Marque Chemodex 203.00 H.T.
Alcian Blue 8GX Alcian Blue 8GX 250 g Ref. CDX-A0001-G250 Marque Chemodex 1113.00 H.T.
Acridine Orange hydrochloride hydrate Acridine Orange hydrochloride hydrate 1 g Ref. CDX-A0005-G001 Marque Chemodex 70.00 H.T.
Acridine Orange hydrochloride hydrate Acridine Orange hydrochloride hydrate 5 g Ref. CDX-A0005-G005 Marque Chemodex 279.00 H.T.
AMCA-H AMCA-H 100 mg Ref. CDX-A0009-M100 Marque Chemodex 67.00 H.T.
AMCA-H AMCA-H 500 mg Ref. CDX-A0009-M500 Marque Chemodex 209.00 H.T.
AMCA-H AMCA-H 2 g Ref. CDX-A0009-G002 Marque Chemodex 627.00 H.T.
AMCA-H N-succinimidyl ester AMCA-H N-succinimidyl ester 25 mg Ref. CDX-A0010-M025 Marque Chemodex 111.00 H.T.
AMCA-H N-succinimidyl ester AMCA-H N-succinimidyl ester 100 mg Ref. CDX-A0010-M100 Marque Chemodex 334.00 H.T.
5-Aminofluorescein 5-Aminofluorescein 250 mg Ref. CDX-A0018-M250 Marque Chemodex 45.00 H.T.
5-Aminofluorescein 5-Aminofluorescein 1 g Ref. CDX-A0018-G001 Marque Chemodex 112.00 H.T.
5-Aminofluorescein 5-Aminofluorescein 10 g Ref. CDX-A0018-G010 Marque Chemodex 690.00 H.T.
6-Aminofluorescein 6-Aminofluorescein 250 mg Ref. CDX-A0019-M250 Marque Chemodex 121.00 H.T.
6-Aminofluorescein 6-Aminofluorescein 2 g Ref. CDX-A0019-G002 Marque Chemodex 202.00 H.T.
6-Aminofluorescein 6-Aminofluorescein 10 g Ref. CDX-A0019-G010 Marque Chemodex 807.00 H.T.
7-Amino-4-methylcoumarin 7-Amino-4-methylcoumarin 250 mg Ref. CDX-A0021-M250 Marque Chemodex 90.00 H.T.
7-Amino-4-methylcoumarin 7-Amino-4-methylcoumarin 10 g Ref. CDX-A0021-G010 Marque Chemodex 168.00 H.T.
10-Acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine 10-Acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine 25 mg Ref. CDX-A0022-M025 Marque Chemodex 264.00 H.T.
10-Acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine 10-Acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine 200 mg Ref. CDX-A0022-M200 Marque Chemodex 1670.00 H.T.
DAF-FM DAF-FM 1 mg Ref. CDX-A0023-M001 Marque Chemodex 403.00 H.T.
DAF-FM DAF-FM 5 mg Ref. CDX-A0023-M005 Marque Chemodex 1612.00 H.T.
DAF-FM DA DAF-FM DA 1 mg Ref. CDX-A0024-M001 Marque Chemodex 403.00 H.T.
DAF-FM DA DAF-FM DA 5 mg Ref. CDX-A0024-M005 Marque Chemodex 1612.00 H.T.
AMQI AMQI 100 mg Ref. CDX-A0036-M100 Marque Chemodex 166.00 H.T.
AMQI AMQI 1 g Ref. CDX-A0036-G001 Marque Chemodex 1071.00 H.T.
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Actinomycin D Actinomycin D 20 mg Ref. CDX-A0043-M020 Marque Chemodex 203.00 H.T.
5-Aminoeosin 5-Aminoeosin 10 mg Ref. CDX-A0055-M010 Marque Chemodex 139.00 H.T.
5-Aminoeosin 5-Aminoeosin 25 mg Ref. CDX-A0055-M025 Marque Chemodex 279.00 H.T.
AQC AQC 50 mg Ref. CDX-A0057-M050 Marque Chemodex 420.00 H.T.
AQC AQC 250 mg Ref. CDX-A0057-M250 Marque Chemodex 1529.00 H.T.
2-Anthracenylsulfonyl chloride 2-Anthracenylsulfonyl chloride 100 mg Ref. CDX-A0062-M100 Marque Chemodex 202.00 H.T.
2-Anthracenylsulfonyl chloride 2-Anthracenylsulfonyl chloride 1 g Ref. CDX-A0062-G001 Marque Chemodex 1315.00 H.T.
7-Azido-4-methylcoumarin 7-Azido-4-methylcoumarin 1 mg Ref. CDX-A0069-M001 Marque Chemodex 55.00 H.T.
7-Azido-4-methylcoumarin 7-Azido-4-methylcoumarin 10 mg Ref. CDX-A0069-M010 Marque Chemodex 136.00 H.T.
7-Azido-4-methylcoumarin 7-Azido-4-methylcoumarin 50 mg Ref. CDX-A0069-M050 Marque Chemodex 570.00 H.T.
Rhod-2 AM Rhod-2 AM 1 mg Ref. CDX-A0072-M001 Marque Chemodex 209.00 H.T.
AMCA-X AMCA-X 50 mg Ref. CDX-A0073-M050 Marque Chemodex 298.00 H.T.
AMCA-X AMCA-X 250 mg Ref. CDX-A0073-M250 Marque Chemodex 1195.00 H.T.
AMCA-X N-succinimidyl ester AMCA-X N-succinimidyl ester 10 mg Ref. CDX-A0074-M010 Marque Chemodex 252.00 H.T.
AMCA-X N-succinimidyl ester AMCA-X N-succinimidyl ester 100 mg Ref. CDX-A0074-M100 Marque Chemodex 1823.00 H.T.
Adenine Adenine 25 g Ref. CDX-A0083-G025 Marque Chemodex 83.00 H.T.
Adenine Adenine 100 g Ref. CDX-A0083-G100 Marque Chemodex 249.00 H.T.
Acridine orange 10-nonyl bromide Acridine orange 10-nonyl bromide 100 mg Ref. CDX-A0103-M100 Marque Chemodex 153.00 H.T.
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