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The Source for Rare Active Natural Products

Bioviotica Naturstoffe GmbH (BioViotica) was established in 2006 as a spin-off company from the University Göttingen, Germany and is dedicated to producing and characterizing “Rare Active Natural Products” as research reagents.
BioViotica focuses especially on the discovery and fermentation (small-scale production in the range of grams) of rare biological active natural products from bacteria and fungus. The product portfolio of active natural products with a defined mode of action offered by BioViotica is of high interest to the academic, pharmaceutical high throughput and medicinal chemistry research covering biochemistry, molecular biology and pest management. The compounds are sold as single items or as Natural Product Libraries for screening purposes. Based on 30 years of know-how in the field of natural products, BioViotica also offers services, including: a) Structure determination of natural products from raw material. b) Optimization of microbial strains. c) Custom strain cultivations.


Featured Items
Macrolide antibiotic. Specific vacuolar-type H+-ATPase inhibitor. Distinguishes among different types of ATPases. Inhibitor of endosomal acidification. Neuroprotective.
Antibiotic. More potent and specific H+-ATPase inhibitor than bafilomycin A1. Inhibits acidification of organelles such as lysosomes and the Golgi apparatus. Blocks cell surface expression of viral glycoproteins without affecting their synthesis. Exhibits cytotoxic effects in a number of cell lines in a cell viability assay. Induces nitric oxide (NO) production. Inhibits autophagy.
Mycotoxin. Tremorgenic. Potent and specific inhibitor of the breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP; ABCG2). Reverses multidrug resistance mediated by BCRP and increases cytotoxicity of several anticancer agents in vitro.
Less toxic, more potent synthetic derivative of geldanamycin. Inhibitor of angiogenesis. Inhibitor of heat shock protein 90 (HSP90). Inducer of apoptosis with higher antitumor activity than 17-AAG.

TargoSets™ - Screening Sets of characterized Natural Products
The birch tree has been known for a long time for its healing properties in folk medicine. It can be expected that Betulin an active principle of the birch tree could be used for the treatment of various pathologies. Since, Betulin has three active positions in its structure, secondary hydroxyl group at C-3, primary hydroxyl group at C-28 and a double C-C bonding at C-20, chemical modulations can be performed in order to obtain different types of derivatives. Betulin can be rapidly converted to its „more“ active derivatives, with a wide spectrum of biological and pharmacological activities such as: anti-inflammatory, antimalarial, anti-HIV and antineoplasic.
The Mycotoxin TargoSet™ offers a panel of well-characterized and highly pure compounds for screening experiments, cell-based research or as standard compounds. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by microfungi. Because of their wide spectrum of biological and pharmacological activities, some are used in research as antibiotics, cell growth promotants or cytotoxic compounds in cancer cells. Mycotoxins are harmful to animal and human health if they enter the food chain via contaminated crops and fruits or through processed food and feed products.
Terrein Terrein 10 mg Ref. BVT-0193-M010 Marque BIOVIOTICA 550.00 H.T.
Geldanamycin Geldanamycin 100 µg Ref. BVT-0196-C100 Marque BIOVIOTICA 20.00 H.T.
Geldanamycin Geldanamycin 500 µg Ref. BVT-0196-C500 Marque BIOVIOTICA 35.00 H.T.
Geldanamycin Geldanamycin 1 mg Ref. BVT-0196-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 50.00 H.T.
Geldanamycin Geldanamycin 5 mg Ref. BVT-0196-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 100.00 H.T.
Elmycin B Elmycin B 1 mg Ref. BVT-0198-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 120.00 H.T.
Elmycin B Elmycin B 5 mg Ref. BVT-0198-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 360.00 H.T.
Nargenicin A1 Nargenicin A1 1 mg Ref. BVT-0204-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 170.00 H.T.
Nargenicin A1 Nargenicin A1 5 mg Ref. BVT-0204-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 520.00 H.T.
Thaxtomin A Thaxtomin A 1 mg Ref. BVT-0206-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 165.00 H.T.
Thaxtomin A Thaxtomin A 5 mg Ref. BVT-0206-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 580.00 H.T.
Luisol A Luisol A 1 mg Ref. BVT-0212-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 120.00 H.T.
Agistatin B Agistatin B 1 mg Ref. BVT-0223-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 120.00 H.T.
Agistatin B Agistatin B 5 mg Ref. BVT-0223-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 380.00 H.T.
Bacimethrin Bacimethrin 500 µg Ref. BVT-0226-C500 Marque BIOVIOTICA 110.00 H.T.
Bacimethrin Bacimethrin 1 mg Ref. BVT-0226-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 190.00 H.T.
Dihydro-beta-naphthocyclinone Dihydro-beta-naphthocyclinone 1 mg Ref. BVT-0228-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 120.00 H.T.
Dihydro-beta-naphthocyclinone Dihydro-beta-naphthocyclinone 5 mg Ref. BVT-0228-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 360.00 H.T.
5-Hydroxymethylcytosine 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine 10 mg Ref. BVT-0229-M010 Marque BIOVIOTICA 110.00 H.T.
Agistatin E Agistatin E 1 mg Ref. BVT-0231-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 120.00 H.T.
Agistatin E Agistatin E 5 mg Ref. BVT-0231-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 360.00 H.T.
Concanamycin A (high purity) Concanamycin A (high purity) 25 µg Ref. BVT-0237-C025 Marque BIOVIOTICA 70.00 H.T.
Concanamycin A (high purity) Concanamycin A (high purity) 100 µg Ref. BVT-0237-C100 Marque BIOVIOTICA 155.00 H.T.
Concanamycin A (high purity) Concanamycin A (high purity) 1 mg Ref. BVT-0237-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 520.00 H.T.
17-AAG 17-AAG 100 µg Ref. BVT-0244-C100 Marque BIOVIOTICA 35.00 H.T.
17-AAG 17-AAG 1 mg Ref. BVT-0244-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 45.00 H.T.
Ansatrienin A Ansatrienin A 1 mg Ref. BVT-0246-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 80.00 H.T.
beta-Naphthocyclinone beta-Naphthocyclinone 1 mg Ref. BVT-0250-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 120.00 H.T.
beta-Naphthocyclinone beta-Naphthocyclinone 5 mg Ref. BVT-0250-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 360.00 H.T.
beta-Rubromycin beta-Rubromycin 1 mg Ref. BVT-0251-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 70.00 H.T.
beta-Rubromycin beta-Rubromycin 5 mg Ref. BVT-0251-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 280.00 H.T.
Bafilomycin A1 (high purity) Bafilomycin A1 (high purity) 100 µg Ref. BVT-0252-C100 Marque BIOVIOTICA 80.00 H.T.
Bafilomycin A1 (high purity) Bafilomycin A1 (high purity) 1 mg Ref. BVT-0252-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 160.00 H.T.
Concanamycin B (high purity) Concanamycin B (high purity) 25 µg Ref. BVT-0253-C025 Marque BIOVIOTICA 80.00 H.T.
Concanamycin B (high purity) Concanamycin B (high purity) 100 µg Ref. BVT-0253-C100 Marque BIOVIOTICA 140.00 H.T.
Concanamycin B (high purity) Concanamycin B (high purity) 500 µg Ref. BVT-0253-C500 Marque BIOVIOTICA 420.00 H.T.
Concanamycin C (high purity) Concanamycin C (high purity) 25 µg Ref. BVT-0254-C025 Marque BIOVIOTICA 80.00 H.T.
Concanamycin C (high purity) Concanamycin C (high purity) 100 µg Ref. BVT-0254-C100 Marque BIOVIOTICA 160.00 H.T.
Concanamycin C (high purity) Concanamycin C (high purity) 500 µg Ref. BVT-0254-C500 Marque BIOVIOTICA 450.00 H.T.
17-DMAG 17-DMAG 100 µg Ref. BVT-0255-C100 Marque BIOVIOTICA 30.00 H.T.
17-DMAG 17-DMAG 1 mg Ref. BVT-0255-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 50.00 H.T.
Gilvocarcin V Gilvocarcin V 100 µg Ref. BVT-0256-C100 Marque BIOVIOTICA 65.00 H.T.
Gilvocarcin V Gilvocarcin V 250 µg Ref. BVT-0256-C250 Marque BIOVIOTICA 110.00 H.T.
Gilvocarcin V Gilvocarcin V 1 mg Ref. BVT-0256-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 330.00 H.T.
Becatecarin Becatecarin 250 µg Ref. BVT-0258-C250 Marque BIOVIOTICA 160.00 H.T.
Becatecarin Becatecarin 1 mg Ref. BVT-0258-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 470.00 H.T.
Asperlactone Asperlactone 1 mg Ref. BVT-0260-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 90.00 H.T.
Asperlactone Asperlactone 5 mg Ref. BVT-0260-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 360.00 H.T.
Hexacyclinic acid Hexacyclinic acid 1 mg Ref. BVT-0261-M001 Marque BIOVIOTICA 120.00 H.T.
Hexacyclinic acid Hexacyclinic acid 5 mg Ref. BVT-0261-M005 Marque BIOVIOTICA 360.00 H.T.